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Upcoming Delegations

May 5 - 9
Delegation from the Near East and North Africa studying "Women's Innovations in Science and Engineering"

May 19 - 24
Delegation studying "Scaling Digital Technology Startups"

May 20 - 24
Delegation studying "Women and Justice"

June 20 - 24
Delegation studying "Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders"

Expand Your World

When you spend time with people from other countries, your whole world expands." - Michelle Kwan

The International Visitor Program welcomes 150-200 international visitors each year. Your participation - whether you are a professional, volunteer or student - helps support our mission to promote international awareness. We invite you to expand your world by joining the World Affairs Council and our network of citizen diplomats!

Michelle Kwan Invites You to Expand Your World