2016 International Educator of the Year- on March 28, 2016

Award Information

In working directly with middle school, high schools and universities, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth has encountered numerous educators devoted to enriching their students’ knowledge of world affairs and expanding international learning opportunities for their students. These teachers and administrators demonstrate leadership by going above and beyond their normal responsibilities.

Just as these teachers feel it is important to help their students develop a better understanding of the world, we at the Council feel it is equally important to recognize the efforts of these dedicated individuals. The International Educator of the Year Award will provide to the winner a year’s membership to the Council and a $500 award.


Who is eligible for this award?
A local K-12 educator who has demonstrated leadership by going above and beyond their normal responsibilities and has contributed exceptionally to the development of global minds in the classroom.

What are the benefits associated with this award?
The International Educator of the Year will receive a one year membership to the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth and a $500 award.

Who can give me more information about this award?
For more information, contact Jennifer Bowden, Director of Education, World Affairs Council, via e-mail or at (214) 965-8415.

Congratulations to our 2015 International Educators of the Year:
Juliann Warner, Arlington ISD Educator
and Rhonda Pugh, Arlington ISD Educator

Congratulations to our 2014 International Educator of the Year

Juliann Warner, luncheon speaker Malcolm Gladwell and Rhonda Pugh

In 2004, Arlington Martin High School teacher Juliann Warner asked colleague Rhonda Pugh to join her in a project to bring the world to students. Together these dedicated educators created the first Junior World Affairs Council, a concept now thriving on nearly 50 North Texas campuses. Both teachers are members of the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth.

JULIANN WARNER, Arlington ISD Educator since 1974

(Arlington Martin High School, World Geography and Advanced Placement World and European History; retiring at end of school year)

“History and World Affairs are my passions. I hope that at the end of the year my students will say that they learned some history in my class, but my fondest wish is that they will say that they enjoy history because of the class."*

RHONDA PUGH, Arlington ISD Educator since 1993

(Arlington Martin High School, English for Second Language Learners, Economics)

"My goal in educating is to create a foundation for a lifetime of learning, and I work to help students understand the intricate meshing of geography, history, economics in today's world."

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