Why is International Education Important?

In a world defined by an increasingly global economy and more interconnection than ever before, the need for our students and teachers to address international education is paramount. Please take some time to download the information sheet below which includes quotes, trends and facts that reinforce the importance of educating our youth about the world.

 Flattening Classrooms through Global Collaboration by Dr. Eric Brunsell

 Globalizing the Curriculum

 Guide for Teacher Preparation in the Global Age

 International Education Facts for Web

 A few teacher quotes about the International Education Program:

I am always just utterly astounded at the quality that you bring to schools. And FREE!?! Only you guys at the World Affairs Council…I learned a LOT today, and made some wonderful connections… for our Multicultural program and my World Leadership class. Elizabeth Garrett, Dallas ISD

Putting the World into a World-Class Education

Compelling Video:A 21st Century Imperative
A 21st Century Imperative makes the case that U.S. global competence in the 21st century is not a luxury, but a necessity. Whether engaging the world, or our culturally diverse homeland, the United States' future success will rely on the global competence of our people. Global competence must become part of the core mission of education—from K-12 through graduate school. American Council on Education and The Coalition for International Education

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