GREAT upcoming opportunities outside the Council

1. 2016 Summer Holocaust and Human Rights Educator Conference

Educators mark your calendars to join the Dallas Holocaust Museum for an expanded 3-day Educator Conference with multiple teacher workshops on the Holocaust and human rights-related topics for the 21st century classroom.

2. Nissan Teacher Training on August 2

Teaching Critical Thinking and Critical Writing in the Classroom. The seminar is free to all educators and Continuing Education Credit is given to each seminar completer through UNT-Dallas.

3. New History at Old Red: Conflict – An Annual Conference on Texas, United States, and World History on Sept. 17

4. Human Rights Day on July 9 at SMU

Human Rights Dallas is a diverse effort to make our city a safer and fairer place for all residents. At its heart, Human Rights Dallas is about putting good ideas into effective action. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides an intellectual foundation for this effort.

5. Dallas FED summer teacher workshops

6. Region 10 Texas Population Growth workshop for teachers

7. Summer Social Studies workshops at Region 10

8. Adobe Training the Trainer: Creative Cloud

Train the Trainer is a free, eight-week online course designed to equip education trainers worldwide with the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully design and deliver effective, engaging Adobe professional development. Participants who complete the course will earn an "Adobe Education Trainer" credential and be endorsed by Adobe as an education technology leader.

9. Asia Opportunities

Teaching East Asia at the University of Colorado Boulder
HS student travel to China, India, Malaysia, Brazil and South Africa
Teacher workshops and travel to Japan and Korea
All for little to no cost.

10. Teaching the Sixth-Grade Citizenship and Government TEKS in LRE Style

LRE Country Cards are brief descriptions of each of the countries mentioned in the TEKS, plus other countries that are mentioned in most districts’ curriculum. Each card focuses on type of government, branches of government, current human and civil rights or political climate, constitution ratification dates, and cultural features that may affect these governments. Also included are current economic data, religious information, and literacy that may affect the types of governments these countries.

11. Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies annual conference, June 29 – 30 at UTD

The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies is hosting their annual conference on June 29 – 30 at UTD. The event is free for teachers and registration is through Region 10. All content areas are invited and they are trying to limit enrollment to 100.

12. Allen ISD is hosting the DBQ Project for World Cultures and Geo teachers in June

For more than a decade, The DBQ Project has promoted rigorous reading and writing instruction for all students, not just those in advanced classes. This workshop will be interactive and provide a solid understanding of our DBQ process and various ways to use our materials. Participants will also receive a sample unit from The DBQ Project’s new Geography binder.

13. Free Smu Embrey Human Rights Programs

The SMU Embrey Human Rights Program invites you to attend. All programs are free and open to the community!

14. Earn your Future program/curriculum from PWC for teaching financial literacy

A key component of PwC’s Earn Your Future commitment is our Earn Your Future Curriculum. The curriculum is composed of easy-to-follow lesson plans accompanied by interactive handouts. We created this curriculum to provide students and educators with free and easy access to financial literacy education. We want educators to download it, teach it, and share it. The modules span grades K–12 and may be accessed after completing the optional form below.

Module topics include: Saving & Investing, Career Exploration, Planning & Money Management, as well as lessons focused on environmental sustainability.

15. Child Refugee Network needs volunteers of all ages

For the children and families who’ve come through the clinic, it’s very, very hard to find country conditions materials. Worse, they’ve scarcely a prayer of fling these in a format that comports with the 258-page Immigration Court Practice Manual. The Child Refugee Network is determined to hand each principal applicant three copies of a pre-fab packet of reports and articles relevant to their asylum claim. Volunteers needn’t be bilingual, and needn’t be lawyers. Their work could make a big difference.

Please write Paul Zoltan ( if you’d be interested in collaborating in the research and compilation of documents relating to gangs, domestic violence and LGBT rights.


16. 21st Century Skills Free Toolkit

P21 has created a free digital toolkit to assist parents in supporting 21st century skills. P21's mission is to serve as catalyst for 21st century learning to build collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders so that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

17. Become a Youth Mentor for Refugee Services of Texas

Mentors would need to work with their refugee youth for a minimum of 8 hours a month as part of a year-long commitment. These hours can be divided however the mentor/mentee wish. We keep in mind that not every mentee will need a mentor for an entire year. The ultimate goal is to assist refugee youth with overcoming barriers to integration and social adjustment and connecting them to greater opportunities in the community.


18. Academic Conference Call Series from Council on Foreign Relations

These calls provide an opportunity for you and your students to interact with CFR fellows and other leading experts. Email to sign up.


19. Dallas Faces Race Training next week

We still have a number of spaces available for these two trainings on May 21st and May 23rd, and I hope we can fill every seat for these awesome development opportunities. This is one of the most tangible ways that teachers and other youth workers can strengthen our commitment to racial justice work, so please share widely. The registration fee is $50, but no educator will be turned away for lack of funds.


20. 6th grade World Cultures workshop at Region 10