Ukraine Statement

The Council's POsition Regarding the Russian Invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine:

The World Affairs Council calls on all government, NGOs, corporations, and other related organizations to condemn Russia’s actions and do everything within their power to encourage diplomacy and mitigate the heartbreaking and tragic crisis unfolding by the hour in Ukraine. The Council condemns in the strongest terms the invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign nation, by Russia. An unconscionable action, it upends peace and order in the region and flies in the face of international norms and long-held promises.

The World Affairs Council stands with Ukraine and for peace and sovereignty.

At the heart of it, we at the Council are citizen diplomats, carrying out people-to-people exchanges. We connect community members with each other and also with those around the world, affecting hearts and minds each and every day. This is a critical piece of our mission. This factor is something I constantly think about in our work and in choosing our priorities. As a main pillar of the Council’s work – one of our four pillars – we participate in international visitor (IV) programs, including being one of the largest participants in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. The essence of international visitor programs is citizen diplomacy. In the past, we’ve hosted participants of these programs from Europe and the impacted areas, and we hope to continue that into the future, connecting heart-to-heart with the citizens of these countries.

The Council appeals to the peace-loving people of modern Russia to urge their leaders to stop this senseless violence that will scar generations of both nations.

Diplomacy and peaceful concern for all humankind must prevail.

We pledge to you to continue our mission here at the Council to engage with North Texans on matters that are globally unfolding and locally impactful.

On Monday, March 7, The Council hosted Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison and Russia expert Anna Borshchevskaya for a RealTime Report on the status of the Ukraine-Russia war. You can view the recording of that discussion below.

In solidarity and respect,

Liz Brailsford
President & CEO

Below are some resources about how you can help. By listing these resources, WACDFW does not personally endorse any resources listed here and encourages all to do their own research.

State Department’s Stand with Ukraine Page

Washington Post’s How to Help Ukraine

How to Help Ukraine Super Site

Nova Ukraine
Bay Area based nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about Ukraine and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
Become a volunteer form

One of the largest humanitarian organizations focused on fighting global poverty is responding to the crisis by providing Ukrainians in need with food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water, and access to cash.
Donate to Ukraine Crisis Fund

Kyiv Independent
Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence. They continue to be a leading voice on the front lines of the conflict.
Support journalists in Ukraine here


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