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The COVID-19 crisis has forced all of us to reconsider what is really important and meaningful in our lives. It has also shown us how interconnected our world is today. The safety and prosperity of our local and global communities is more dependent upon our ability to communicate, cooperate and understand each other than ever before.
The Council needs your help to continue our work to improve understanding, communication and cooperation. As we look to the coming months when program revenue and charitable contributions may be sharply reduced, donations from our members and supporters will be increasingly critical.
Your gift today will help ensure that when the Council is able to resume “business as usual” we will have the staff to return our operations close to the level they were prior to the pandemic.
In times of uncertainty, public access to expert information is especially critical. The Council’s staff is working hard to continue meeting this need for access and understanding, especially for our students and teachers. It is our hope that by providing a forum for smart discussion, the Council will be a source of strength in the present and an important partner in our collective recovery.

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