Get Involved

A World Affairs Council membership is a ticket to see the world through well-informed eyes – it’s not just a seat in an audience.

Our events and programs are fueled by and designed for people who get involved to learn more about their world. Members, volunteers and sponsors unite to strengthen the connection between North Texas and the global community.

Council members study world issues and crises and hear first-hand accounts of history. They volunteer to help dignitaries and visitors enjoy their experiences in North Texas. Sponsors, members and staff unite to enhance North Texans’ understanding of issues and to give thousands of students the opportunities to learn about their world.

Being involved includes accompanying visitors on tours, hosting social events and sponsoring events and programs that touch on topics that hold your interest. Through sponsorship you help promote global understanding and local education.

A World Affairs Council membership is not just a name on a list. It is an invitation to participate and learn, to teach and inspire, to support and enjoy the many aspects of connecting the world with North Texas.

My host family was great! Despite us doing lots of activities together, one piece of experience that I personally enjoyed most was that we made such good friends that I started calling them “mom” and “dad” and they just loved it! In my opinion, cultural exchange between us could not have been any stronger than that. Emil Aliyev, Azerbaijan Delegation Facilitator