Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC) students participate in team building activities at the 2015 JWAC leadership retreat.

Junior World Affairs Councils

For more than a decade our Junior World Affairs Councils (JWACs) have been a global triumph on local campuses. Our JWAC program has been linking students to the world since 2004. With more than 50 chapters in North Texas, JWAC is a great way for high school students to learn about international issues and become more globally aware. JWAC chapters can be started at any high school with students in grades 9-12 with the support of one of the school’s teachers as a sponsor.

The Council will help you create a Junior World Affairs Council for your campus. It's a simple process with a $25 JWAC membership fee. Your steps: (1) organize a group of internationally interested students and (2) get in touch with us. You and your students will travel beyond classroom walls and pages in textbooks to real-time, firsthand sessions with diplomats, dignitaries, leaders, authors and others who understand global issues and opportunities in business and education.

Plus, there are great membership rewards for educators who are Council members at the JWAC level. It’s an extracurricular activity that pays off in knowledge and, now and then, scholarships, grants and study tours.


  1. Recruit JWAC members and a teacher sponsor
  2. Elect JWAC leadership positions (President and Vice President)
  3. Download and fill out the JWAC Starter Kit and email completed document to Amy Miller
  4. Create a membership for your JWAC by visiting here, click "reduced rate", then click "student" or "educator" and "join". In the comments, write "JWAC Membership" and your school name.
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What Do JWACs Do?

Annual Project

For 2016-17 the World Affairs Council is partnering with ConnecTeach in an effort to provide our JWAC students with global leadership skill development.

JWAC presidents will meet up to five times during the year to learn more about issues such as global conflict, gender inequality and environmental sustainability. JWACs may also choose to raise funds to support ConnecTeach’s work to empower teachers and students in the world’s poorest communities.

JWAC Cultural Exploration Dinners

JWACs may host dinners at local ethnic restaurants to enhance learning about cuisines and cultures. All JWAC students and sponsors will be invited to attend, eat well and socialize! Each attendee is responsible for his or her own check. If your JWAC is interested in hosting a dinner, email Amy Miller with information about a suggested date and restaurant.

Global Leadership Certificate

JWAC students are eligible to apply for a Global Leadership Certificate in the spring each year. They must meet the following requirements:

  1. Been an active JWAC member for at least 2 years
  2. Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale
  3. Attended one International Career Day or PwC Academic WorldQuest during high school
  4. Attended one WACDFW Program during high school
  5. Completed at least 20 hours of community service during the year of application and can provide proof of service

Deadline for submission: 11:59 p.m. (CST), Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Application Instructions

To apply, email Amy Miller the following documents in PDF or Word format:

  1. Proof of GPA
  2. Proof of community service hours, signed by supervisor
  3. A letter of recommendation by JWAC sponsor, including a verification that the student has participated in JWAC for 2 or more years, attended one WACDFW program and attended one International Career Day.

Global Leadership: 20 Under 20

In 2016 the Council created “20 Under 20” as part of the Global Young Leaders Program. This initiative will honor 20 exceptional high school students under the age of 20 who are active in their local Junior World Affairs Council clubs (JWACs) and have been nominated and chosen to receive the Council’s award for their proven leadership skills as well as their interest in international and domestic policy. 20 Under 20 brings a spotlight to young people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex who consistently give back to their communities and exemplify what it means to be a global citizen.

Based on applications for that year's 20 Under 20 Class, a Council advisory panel will choose one winner of the Global Gateway Grant, a $2,000 grant. An event will be held in the late spring to recognize the 20 Under 20 class of that year and announce the winner of the grant. The Council has established a 20 Under 20 Program that honors students for their educational and civic accomplishments. JWAC students are eligible to apply for the 20 Under 20 Program in the spring if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Received a Global Leadership Certificate during a previous year or the current school year
  2. Held or hold a leadership position in the student's JWAC during high school
  3. Provide a nomination by the JWAC teacher sponsor
  4. Submit an essay describing the student's experiences in the Global Young Leaders Program
  5. Submit the student's resume

Deadline for submission: 11:59 p.m.(CST), Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Application Instructions

To apply, email Amy Miller the following documents in PDF or Word format:

  1. Your one-page resume of academic, extracurricular and other activities
  2. A 700-to-800 word essay addressing one or both of the following questions:
    • How has JWAC changed my world view?
    • How has JWAC equipped me to become a better leader?
  3. A scanned copy or photo of your Global Leadership Certificate (PNG and JPEG also acceptable)
  4. A letter of recommendation emailed or faxed directly by the JWAC Sponsor to Amy Miller (fax: 214-965-8519). The sponsor must include which JWAC Leadership position you held and when.

Global Gateway Grant

Based on applications for that year's 20 Under 20 Class, a Council advisory panel will choose one winner of the Global Gateway Grant, a $2000 grant. Five finalists will be chosen and invited to attend the luncheon with up to two guests. Application instructions will be added to the website soon. The winner of the grant will be announced at the International Educator of the Year Luncheon in March.

PwC Academic WorldQuest

Each year, World Affairs Councils around the United States host Academic WorldQuest competitions for high school students. The World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts nearly 100 North Texas area teams, which participate each February. Teams of four (4) study for a chance to compete on the national level in Washington D.C. against other regional winners. Each JWAC may enter up to three (3) teams at $25 each.

Sponsored by:

Congratulations Plano West Senior High School

WorldQuest2017 Winners

First Place

Plano West - Team 2:
Ranie Lin, Richard Guo, Cindy Hao and Christina Lu

Second Place

Plano West - Team 1:
Varsha Menon, Ankit Reddy, Noah Schochet and Inan Sinha

Third Place

Plano West - Team 3:
Kyle Bu, Gunjar Bhattari, Dachey Lin and Sandipan Nath

Topics for WorldQuest 2017


JWAC Resources

JWAC Sponsors

JWAC teacher sponsors MUST be $25 teacher members of the Council. Click here to join!


Amy Miller, Director of Education