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A Message from the President


Jim FalkIn October of 1951, the Dallas Morning News reported on the founding of the Dallas Council on World Affairs. H. Neil Mallon, president of Dresser Industries and the Council's first president, was quoted on why he organized it: "The end purpose of the DCWA is to ask ourselves 'What can we do?" then to educate ourselves and understand." The newspaper said Mr. Mallon told the board of directors that "Dallas needed such a council because Dallas people must keep up with foreign affairs, which are becoming of greater importance daily." (We've had a couple of name changes over the years and, more than a decade ago, merged with the Fort Worth Council to form the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth.) 

Mr. Mallon's reasoning has stood the test of time. More than sixty years later, understanding our world is more important than ever, because we are now interconnected across the globe by trade, technology and the media.

In addressing international challenges and opportunities, the Council has become a dynamic global forum for North Texas and beyond. Business, industry, education and globally-minded individuals unite with the Council to examine history, current events and the future. Our Council programs consistently present bright, thoughtful people who share insights about negotiations, historic recollections and societal, economic and political challenges. We are exploring the world one interesting person at a time!                

I'd like to share some kind "reviews" of the Council from members, speakers, students and teachers:

“I have been inside the walls of the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth in the past. I remember the work that I understood you were doing then, has greatly expanded today, so let me congratulate you…As a World Affairs Council, you’re doing the most important job at this time in our nation’s history, when the United States is redefining the important international objectives. Looking at our own national strength, our economy at home, and our position abroad, and there are simply not enough forum in this country; not enough ways to reach young people, studying in our schools to explain the choices. So coming together as you all do matters a great deal.” – Ambassador Frank Wisner 

“I am a huge fan of the World Affairs Councils. I have seen, from my perspective as a foreign service practitioner, just how valuable the role the World Affairs Councils plays in assuring that we have an informed and engaged public.” - Ambassador Ryan Crocker  

"The World Affairs Council is THE organization in North Texas that regularly puts me in the same room with national and international leaders, policy makers and some of the most fascinating people on Earth. It’s like being a Member of Congress, or maybe Secretary of State, for an evening.” – Steve Cotton

"I always love going to speaker events. Not only is it a terrific amount of information, it also covers important topics that will affect my adult life." - Matthew Pratt, Clark High School 

"There are few organizations in town that covers global events and personalities. And there are fewer that puts them within my reach. The World Affairs Council is the thread that makes my world a smaller place." – Kevin Yu, Meridian: Global Young Professional 

"I’m going to go back to college and everyone’s going to talk about what they did over the summer  ...  and I’m going to say ‘I met two African kings. I met official delegates from Mexico and Nigeria. I learned international protocol. I learned more about the world. I learned how to interact with people from around the world'.” - Evan Rosenfeld, Former JWAC student and Council intern

The Council succeeds because our members are involved! They support us in many ways – attendance, donations, volunteering, hosting, a kind letter or phone call, etc. We could accomplish none of this without you. Let me emphasize that the Council is a “personal” organization – your membership is a point of pride for you and for the Council. You are the very valued “Faces of the Council.”  You believe in making the world a more connected and understanding place both in the present and the future. And if you're not a member yet, I invite you to join us today - you will find that you truly belong at the Council.

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Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (214) 965-8400
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