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A Message from the President

December 2014

It is only natural that in this busy final month of 2014 one pauses to take a look at Council achievements during an incredibly swift year. This is a personal look. I don’t just see statistics generated by our programs. I see the many faces of our Council world – tireless workers and planners, magnificent volunteers, generous donors, enthusiastic supporters and vibrant members of the board who both listen and guide.

The Council succeeds because you succeed! You are involved! Our shared high points are too many to list, but you supported them in some way – attendance, donations, volunteering, hosting, a kind letter or phone call, etc. It is wonderful that the Council’s respected International Education Program is in high gear as it enters its 11th year. Last January, the Directors concluded that IEP deserved more resources. In response, we hired Amy Miller to assist Jennifer Bowden, the council's energetic IEP executive director.

You can see the results in the IEP’s Speakers-on-Campus program in the fall. More than 2,000 North Texas students heard authoritative voices discuss today's world from crises to culture to careers. The goal is to help young people plan a successful future.

In the past year we reached beyond the walls of meeting rooms on behalf of the Council’s mission. One example is our Global I.Q. Minute, my “almost weekly” discussion with a speaker or a notable who can shine light on current issues. Please share our website link to the Global I.Q. Minutes on social media. Yes, pass it on! Build our reputation!

We could accomplish none of this without you. The generosity of Council members and supporters is vital, in fact, to presenting programs with timely speakers and key global personalities. I encourage you to join me in making a tax-deductible, year-end gift to the Council – this annual funding subsidizes speaker fees and related expenses.

Let me emphasize that the Council is a “personal” organization – your membership is a point of pride for you and for the Council. You are the very valued “Faces of the Council.” You believe in making the world a more connected and understanding place both in the present and the future. With deep appreciation, the Council team wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season and, in the New Year, a more peaceful world.