“Through JWAC events I’ve gotten the chance to shake hands with a foreign minister and hug a Novel Peace laureate. These experts have given me powerful insights into different fields.”

– Lamisa Mustafa, Newman Smith High School



For more than a decade, our Junior World Affairs Councils (JWACs) have been a global triumph on local campuses. Our JWAC program has been linking students to the world since 2004. With 70 chapters in North Texas, JWAC is a great way for high school students to learn about international issues and become more globally aware. JWAC chapters can be started at any high school with students in grades 9-12 with the support of one of the school’s teachers as a sponsor.

As part of our Global Young Leaders (GYL) Programming, the Council will help you create a Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC) for your high school campus. You and your students will travel beyond classroom walls and pages in textbooks to real-time, firsthand sessions with diplomats, dignitaries, leaders, authors and others who understand global issues and opportunities in business and education.

How to start a FREE JWAC chapter:

The JWAC sponsor must complete the Junior World Affairs Council Agreement Form.

Contact Director of Education (, 214-965-8415) with any questions or if you would like her to attend one of your meetings.

Resources For Your JWAC:



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