“I gained a new insight on how I want to conduct my life and how to be an international citizen. I feel so grateful to all the speakers, planners, and the founders who enabled me to enjoy such a unique experience.”

– Amna Ahmed, 20 Under 20 Class of 2022



JWAC students that meet minimum participation requirements will now be able to earn a Global Leadership Certificate from the Council in May. Senior JWAC students may also be eligible to receive a graduation cord if they meet these requirements.

To earn a Global Leadership Certificate, JWAC students must be in good standing with their school, plus participate in AT LEAST five of the following JWAC programs:

    • A Speaker Event (Dozens of choices on or off campus)
    • A Service Project (Dozens of choices)
    • JWAC Leadership Training (Six choices)
    • JWAC Discussion Group (Nine choices)
    • Pinnacle Group Academic WorldQuest
    • International Career Days
    • 20 Under 20 Program
    • JWAC Social events (Two choices)
    • JWAC Orientation
    • End of Year Awards
    • GYL Art Contest

Sponsors are responsible for tracking and submitting names by the end of April to be sent the personalized certificates.

Global Leadership Certificate and Graduation Cord tracking sheet