“As one of the coming generations of people that will be responsible for a variety of issues that plague our world today and for years to come, it’s my obligation from a seat of privilege in educational scale to use that perch for the greater good, to expand the accessibility of learning, in partnership with other basic human rights: healthcare, clean resources, etc.”

– Mashael Sayed, L.D. Bell High School



Annually, the Council’s Global Young Leaders program hosts six leadership training courses for North Texas high school students participating in Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC) clubs. In addition, the TOP TEN JWACS hold student-led discussions over a current event topic monthly. These trainings give JWAC members the opportunity to enhance their communication, delegation, and decision-making skills through intensive sessions and simulations led by our staff and partner organizations. Each session focuses on a different topic related to the one or more of the education program’s four pillars of global competence: diplomatic leadership, civic engagement, problem-solving, and cultural intelligence.

Leadership training is hosted on participating school campuses throughout the region, or online, with an average attendance of 30-80 students per session. Previous training topics have included:

  • Media literacy
  • Collaboration for change
  • Diversity & teamwork
  • UN SDGs
  • The Arts
  • Brain health
  • Voting
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Conflict resolution