“Learning about the world important to me because it helps me understand that the world isn’t perfect and it isn’t always correct. The world makes mistakes and sometimes it learns, and other times the world does not learn. I like learning about the world because it helps me to not repeat and avoid the mistakes the world has made or is going to make.”

– Carly Celestin, International Leadership of Texas, Arlington-Grand Prairie High School



Led by the Top Ten JWACs from the previous year, our student-led online discussions are free and open to all JWACs plus other Council students around the country. Each JWAC decides on their topic, plans the program, finds speakers, and runs the show. The Council helps as needed, takes registration, sends reminders and promotions, and creates the Zoom event on our platform. The sponsoring JWAC and the school with the most attendees each are given a $50 pizza gift card for their next club meeting.

2023-2024 Discussion Topics:

  • Genocide, Eugenics and Human Rights
  • Sudan
  • Cities of the Future: Transportation, Green Spaces, and Sustainable Urban Planning
  • Climate Change in Sri Lanka – Political, Economic, and Hunger
  • Women in Sports
  • Marshall Island Nuclear Testing
  • Book Banning