The project supports overseas training and curriculum development for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and Indian studies for North Texas secondary educators and is part of the Fulbright GPA program funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education in partnership with WAC, HEB ISD and Richland College.

Participating Educators:

  • Amy Merk, HEBISD
  • Bhavani Parpia, HEBISD
  • Connie Rensink, HEBISD
  • Gary Mumford, Frisco ISD
  • Karen Alexander, IL Texas Garland
  • Kerry Fergason, Highland Park ISD
  • Natalie Teichmann, Dallas ISD
  • Noeli Biggs, Richland College
  • Robert Galindo, Richland
  • Artist Thornton, Richland
  • Aditi Samarth, Richland
  • Craig Pavlue, Richardson ISD
  • Pam Ice, Richland
  • Ricky Balthrop, HEBISD
  • Robert Barrie, HEBISD
  • Stacie Aguirre, Plano ISD