Modern Morocco with all its richness and complexities, as well Morocco’s centuries-old history and cultural traditions, are often unknown to Americans. To address this gap, the World Affairs Council and the American Moroccan Alliance have developed a three-part program on Morocco, with a special emphasis on Moroccan culture, to bring some much-needed context to the American public and, particularly, to American students and teachers.

Participating Educators:

  • Bev Smith, Lovejoy ISD
  • Anna Sifford, Dallas ISD
  • Emily Sherwood, Uplift Williams Prep
  • Karen Haley, Ursuline
  • Rosie Rojas, Birdville ISD
  • Craig Pavlue, Richardson ISD
  • Steven Howell, Richardson ISD
  • Tamara Haddad, HEBISD
  • Summer Wiese, Mesquite ISD
  • Nicole Vickerman, Plano ISD