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H. Neil Mallon Award

Named in honor of the Council’s founder, the H. Neil Mallon Award is presented annually to individuals who have excelled at promoting the international focus of North Texas. Funds raised from this event support the Council’s public and education programming, international exchanges, and diplomatic services.

2023 Mallon Honoree Ken Hersh wearing his Texas Rangers hat

40th H. Neil Mallon Award

The 2023 H. Neil Mallon Award was presented to Ken Hersh, a pioneer investor and civic leader whose commitment to leadership and innovation has enriched our community and beyond.

Aside from the Rangers winning the World Series, some highlights of the evening include hearing from Bill Browder how President Trump offered Bill in exchange for 12 Russians, and that Ken is quite the poker player.

Our global impact is more important than ever as the Metroplex continues to grow. As it has for 40 years, our H. Neil Mallon Award will continue to showcase local leaders who put DFW on the world’s stage.

H.Neil Mallon

About H. Neil Mallon

H. Neil Mallon, the late chairman of Dresser Industries, founded the World Affairs Council in Dallas in 1951. Mallon was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1895 and died in Dallas in March of 1983. His alma mater was Yale University. Mallon became president of Dresser in 1928. He built the company from a simple pipeline equipment supplier to a worldwide energy product company. By the time Dresser merged with Halliburton in 1998, it was a $7 billion dollar company.

At the founding of the Council in 1951, Neil Mallon said, “The peace of the world, nothing less, depends to a considerable extent upon how well the people of the country understand and influence our foreign policy.”

In a letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952, Mallon further explained why he had founded the Council: “Our task is to help interpret events on the world scene to citizens of this area and to give them a sense of participation, so vital to democracy, in the actions and policies of our country. It is quite evident that any real success accruing to our nation’s conduct in world affairs must be solidly based on public understanding and approval.”

Neil Mallon also listed five specific ways in which the Council helps the individual and the community:

  • The Council enables its members to combat public indifference and apathy in world affairs in a forceful, effective manner.
  • It enables members to hear national and international leaders tell the ‘inside story’ of what is going on in the world.
  • It helps members make a direct and important contribution to the education of neighbors and fellow citizens.
  • It provides a world affairs information center for other community groups.
  • And, it establishes Dallas as one of the country’s foremost cities in its interest and knowledge of world affairs.

H. Neil Mallon Past Recipients

  • 1983 Lorinne Emery
  • 1984 George Haddaway
  • 1984 Russell H. Perry
  • 1985 William E. Cooper
  • 1986 Trammell Crow, Sr.
  • 1987 J. Erik Jonsson
  • 1988 Stanley Marcus
  • 1989 Ebby Halliday-Acers and Maurice Acers
  • 1990 Robert Crandall
  • 1991 Ambassador R. Richard Rubottom
  • 1992 Honorable Robert Strauss
  • 1993 Honorable David G. Fox
  • 1994 L. Frank Pitts
  • 1995 The Honorable Annette Strauss
  • 1997 Lester M. Alberthal, Jr.
  • 1998 Honorable Albert V. Casey
  • 1999 Vice President Richard B. Cheney
  • 2001 Ray L. Hunt
  • 2002 President George H.W. Bush
  • 2003 Raymond D. Nasher
  • 2004 Lee R. Raymond
  • 2005 Thomas J. Engibous
  • 2006 Gerard J. Arpey
  • 2007 Dallas Center for the Performing Arts and The Trinity Trust Foundation
  • 2008 Ross Perot and Ross Perot, Jr.
  • 2009 Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H.
  • 2010 Jeffrey P. Fegan
  • 2011 Randall Stephenson
  • 2012 David T. Seaton and Alan L. Boeckmann
  • 2013 Lucy Billingsley
  • 2014 Rex W. Tillerson
  • 2015 Ambassador Richard W. Fisher
  • 2016 Doug Parker
  • 2017 Dirk Nowitzki
  • 2018 Ambassador Ron Kirk
  • 2019 Honorable Mike Rawlings
  • 2020 Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison
  • 2021 Ambassador Kathryn Hall and Craig Hall
  • 2022 Ambassador Jeanne L. Phillips
  • 2023 Kenneth A. Hersh

Past Mallon Highlights