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The International Visitor Programs department hosts international visitor groups who visit the U.S. at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State to explore topics related to our country’s foreign policy and strategic objectives around the world.

When groups visit the DFW area (virtually or in person), we arrange:

  1. Meetings with professional counterparts
  2. Cultural experiences
  3. Home hospitality events

In-person home hospitality events connect international participants with local volunteers outside of professional settings, giving them a glimpse into everyday life in the U.S. In-person home hospitality usually takes the form of casual dinner parties – hosting 3-4 international visitors – in the homes of local volunteers. We encourage our hosts to invite family and friends to share in gaining a better understanding of one another’s cultures and viewpoints and to provide opportunities to build long-lasting relationships with people around the world.

A typical home hospitality evening:

  • 5:00-5:30 PM – Guests leave the Hyatt House Dallas/Lincoln Park via Transportation Network Company arranged by project liaisons
  • 6:00-8:30 PM – Dinner with home dinner host(s) and other invited guests
  • 8:30 PM – Guests return to the hotel via Transportation Network Company arranged by project liaisons
  • 9:00-9:30 PM – Guests arrive back at the hotel


Jocelyn Ansley Home Host

IVP hosts

An Open Letter to the Council


Hello World Affairs Council,

I’m writing to share with you a very special story related to my membership and volunteer work I did through your organization 20 years ago when I lived in the DFW metroplex. At that time you were hosting some people from former Soviet Union countries through a Community Connections program where they were doing business internships with various Dallas area businesses that lined up with their career interests.

I was assigned to take a young Ukrainian to work at his internship at Yellow Freight since his career was in supply chain and logistics. My husband and I got to know him a little through this experience and I stayed in touch with him for a short time after he returned to Ukraine since he wanted someone with whom to practice his English.

Unfortunately, we lost touch shortly after that and I had not communicated with him for nearly 18 years. But when the Russians invaded Ukraine in 2022 and the war broke out, he found me through Linked In and we were able to reconnect. After communicating almost daily for well over a year, he decided to come to the US to escape the constant attacks on Kyiv, and my husband and I sponsored him to immigrate through the USCIS humanitarian parole program. He arrived here at our home in Canandaigua, NY ten days ago and we are so grateful to have him here safe in our town.

Consequently, I wanted to thank you for the international business exchanges you host and the opportunity for regular citizens to participate and meet people from all over the world. When we retired and moved to New York in 2013, your organization referred me to a similar group in Rochester, NY called Rochester Global Connections and I have continued to volunteer with that organization including several years on the board of directors.

My husband and I truly enjoyed the various home hosting and other volunteer opportunities we experienced there with a number of international guests and had no idea where these relationships could take us long term and how rewarding it would be. We have special memories and connections through this time with World Affairs Council, in addition to enjoying the many prominent speakers we heard through your events, and just wanted you to know we appreciate all you are doing to make the world more connected and fostering global understanding of each other.

Happy holidays to you all!
Lois and Vincent Golbeck