Agua Vida 2023 - a celebration of rain for life

Join the Agua Vida Campaign: Transform Lives with Clean Water!

by Mirgayu Ghosh, University of Texas at Austin

The award-winning and internationally recognized nonprofit Isla Urbana is thrilled to bring you Agua Vida 2023, and this year, we’re going virtual! But we can’t do it without your support. Join us in our mission to provide clean water to families across Mexico through rainwater harvesting programs.

The Agua Vida Mission

Our annual Agua Vida campaign is all about changing lives. We’re on a mission to support rural and indigenous families in Mexico by harvesting rainwater. This year, we’re aiming to impact 100 individuals and harvest 119,000 gallons of rainwater. That’s enough to provide each family with an autonomous water source for up to 12 months! These families reside in remote regions such as Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Chihuahua. They receive sporadic funding, and your support can make a world of difference.x

1 in 10 people in Mexico lack access to clean water. The struggle is real, especially in rural areas where less than half of the homes (only 43.2%) have access to water on tap. Families are forced to haul water from precarious, far-away, and low-quality sources. But together, we can change these statistics.

How You Can Be Part of the Solution

1. Be a Rainwater Backer: You can directly impact lives by making a donation. Just visit to contribute. Even better, share the campaign with your friends and family, and ask them to support our cause. With as little as asking 10 people to donate $25, you can provide a rural family with water for an entire month. Imagine the impact of those 10 people each asking another 10 people!

2. Be a Rainwater Hero: Meet Mrigayu, a passionate supporter of Isla Urbana and a dedicated volunteer. Mrigayu believes that working with Isla allows him to “act locally to create change globally.” He’s been involved with Isla since the 9th grade through the Junior World Affairs Council, and his commitment to the cause is unwavering. Mrigayu knows that “the impacts of [his] efforts are evident,” and he’s driven by the knowledge that every bit directly benefits the people who need it. Join Mrigayu and be a part of the change. Use hashtags #AguaVida2023 and #RainForAll to let the world know you’re making a difference!

3. Be a Rainwater Promoter: Get ready for some Instagram fun! Follow our 8-week campaign on Instagram – you can find us at @isla_urbana. Stay updated on our progress, get inspired by the incredible work happening in Mexico, and join the celebration. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who want to make the world a better place.

Act Now, Transform Lives

Our campaign ends on November 30th, 2023, and every moment counts. By supporting Agua Vida, you’re not just contributing to a campaign; you’re helping to change lives for the better. Clean water is a basic necessity, and together, we can ensure that more families have access to it.

Visit to learn more about the impact we’re making and the families we’re helping. Join us in this vital mission. Let’s make the world a better place, one drop at a time.

Make a donation today! Donations can also made to our Venmo at @IslaUrbanaUSA, or by check made payable to “Isla Urbana USA” and mailed to 1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego CA 92113 USA.


The views and options expressed in this article are the student’s alone and are not endorsed or reflect the views of the nonprofit, nonpartisan, World Affairs Council of Dallas Fort/Worth.