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The World Affairs Council
of Dallas/Fort Worth

The mission of the nonprofit, nonpartisan World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth is to promote international awareness, understanding and connections through its multifaceted programs. The Council works to enhance the region’s global stature and to prepare North Texans to thrive in our complex world.

The World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth is a dynamic organization that brings international awareness and cross-cultural understanding to the North Texas community and presents distinguished international figures year-round for in-depth interpretations of global events.

The Council presents over 100 programs annually, primarily focusing on the international aspects of business, politics, culture and foreign policy. With the goal of connecting North Texas with the world, the Council has been educating Metroplex citizens on global affairs since 1951. Today, it serves as a gateway to the world for the region, offering an impressive range of programs and events for the public and its more than 3,500 members. The Council takes education directly into North Texas schools through its International Education Program. Additionally, it coordinates visits to North Texas of delegations and leaders from around the world through the International Visitor Program and the City of Dallas Office of Protocol.

Contact Information:
325 North St. Paul Street, Suite 4200
Dallas, TX 75201

(214) 965-8400 - Dallas phone
(817) 212-2696 - Fort Worth phone
(214) 965-8412 - event registration hotline
(214) 965-8419 - fax

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Stephen Carter - The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln
As Texas Goes - Gail Collins