Council President Liz Brailsford in conversation with Ned Price, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State

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The Council’s Global I.Q. podcast series includes interviews with some of the world’s foremost thinkers, writers, and diplomats.

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Joe Manchin and Michael Rawlings

Speaking to a Divided America: A Conversation with Senator Joe Manchin

09/22/2023 | 60 MIN

Speakers: The Honorable Michael Rawlings 59th Mayor of Dallas Senator Joe Manchin United States Senator for West Virgina

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Workforce 2.0: AI and Human Collaboration

09/06/2023 | 58 MINS

Speakers: Kevin Cassidy David Williams, VP of Automation at AT&T David Evans, Managing Partner at Sentiero Ventures

2023 International Women of Courage

07/01/2023 | 59 mins

The Council and its International Visitor Programs was privileged to host three of the 2023 International Women of

Jim Krane

Follow the Leader: Who is Winning the Next 100 Years of Energy? 

04/27/2023 | 61 MINS

Speaker: Jim Krane Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies, Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy

Richard Haass + Diana Newton

The Bill of Obligations: The Ten Habits of Good Citizens 

04/18/2023 | 59 MINS

Speaker:  Richard Haass President, Council on Foreign Relations Moderator: Diana Newton Director of the Tower Scholars Program and

Paul Scharre

Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence 

03/15/2023 | 54 MINS

Speaker:  Paul Scharre Vice President & Director of Studies, Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Moderator: LECTURE

Marie Yovanovitch + David McCloskey

Lessons from the Edge

02/16/2023 | 60 MINS

Speaker: Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Senior Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Former U.S. Ambassador

Texas Leadership – An Evening With Congressman Allred

01/31/2023 | 59 mins

Speaker: Collin Allred U.S. Representative for Texas’ 32nd Congressional District Moderator: Chris Connolly Reporter at KERA, an NPR

Mike Pompeo + Liz Brailsford

Never Give an Inch with the Honorable Mike Pompeo, 70th United States Secretary of State

01/26/2023 | 66 MINS

Speaker: The Honorable Michael Pompeo 70th United States Secretary of State Moderator: Liz Brailsford President & CEO, World

Tom Standage and Jim Falk

The World Ahead: 2023

12/14/2022 |

Speaker: Tom Standage (Virtual) Deputy Editor, The Economist; Editor, “The World Ahead: 2023” Moderator: Jim Falk