Council President Liz Brailsford in conversation with Ned Price, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State

Global I.Q. Podcast

The Council’s Global I.Q. podcast series includes interviews with some of the world’s foremost thinkers, writers, and diplomats.

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International Educator Of The Year Award Luncheon (Keynote Speech)

03/28/2024 | 19 MIN

KEYNOTE – Salvatore A. Giunta Specialist Salvatore A. Giunta distinguished himself at the risk of his life in


Ordering Disorder – Governing The World To Come

03/14/2024 | 62 MINS

Since Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have been in power, Russia and China have been each other’s biggest


Unity In Diversity – Empowering Women Everywhere

03/12/2024 | 60 MINS

Join the Council and Texas Woman’s University in observation of International Women’s Day on March 12. The Council


Jazz Diplomacy in the Cold War Era (A Black History Month Program)

02/29/2024 | 55 MINS

Featuring Dr. W. Marvin Dulaney, Adjunct Professor at UNT Dallas & President of the Association for the Study


Impact of Global Conflict on Economic Sustainability

02/21/2024 | 33 MINS

Featuring world-renowned economics professor, bestselling author, and innovative educator Jeffery Sachs


Pulse on Politics: Mark McKinnon on the Upcoming Elections

02/15/2024 | 68 MINS

Featuring American political advisor, reform advocate, media columnist, and television producer Mark McKinnon. Moderated by Council President &


The Shifting Geopolitics Of Cyber Conflict – American Strategy In A Time Of Change

01/29/2024 | 54 MINS

Cyberspace is like the Wild West – a vast and lawless land. Both cyber warfare and cyberweapons have


Global Political Leadership: In Search of Synergy

01/23/2024 | 55 MINS

Speaker:  Malgorzata Zachara-Szymańska Associate Professor, Faculty of International and Political Relations, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland Moderator: Robert


His Excellency, Ambassador Jean-Arthur Regibeau

12/08/2023 | 47 MINS

Speaker: His Excellency, Ambassador Jean-Arthur Regibeau The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the U.S. Moderator: Tara


The World Ahead: 2024

12/08/2023 | 60 MINS

Speaker: Tom Standage (Virtual) Deputy Editor, The Economist; Editor, “The World Ahead: 2024” Moderator: Jim Falk