Council President Liz Brailsford in conversation with Ned Price, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State

Global I.Q. Podcast

The Council’s Global I.Q. podcast series includes interviews with some of the world’s foremost thinkers, writers, and diplomats.

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Matthew Continetti Podcast

The War for American Conservatism

05/11/2022 | 59 MINS

Speaker:  Matthew Continetti (virtual) Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute Moderator: Eliana Johnson Editor-in-Chief, Washington Free Beacon

Dr. Samuel Ramsey Podcast

The Pollinator Pandemic

04/22/2022 | 59 MINS

Speaker: Dr. Samuel Ramsey (virtual) Entomologist; founder and director, Ramsey Research Foundation

Will Hurd Podcast

American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done

04/14/2022 | 58 MINS

Speaker: William Hurd Former Republican Congressman and CIA Officer

Richard Fontaine

The United States and the World: Where Are We Heading in 2022?

04/12/2022 | 59 MINS

Speaker: Richard Fontaine Chief Executive Officer, Center for a New American Security

Robert Greenway

The Abraham Accords: How Have They Impacted the Middle East?

04/06/2022 | 25 MIN

Speaker: Robert Greenway President and Executive Director, Abraham Accords Peace Institute

Kelly Weill

Conspiracy Theories: Why Will People Believe Anything?

03/10/2022 | 60 MIN

Speakers: Kelly Weill (virtual) Reporter, Daily Beast

Kay Bailey Hutchison and Anna Borshchevskaya

RealTime Report – Ukraine

03/07/2022 | 61 MIN

Speaker: The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison 22nd United States Permanent Representative to NATO Moderator: Anna Borshchevskaya

Maria Fernanda Bozmoski

The Northern Triangle: Should We Pivot to the South?

03/01/2022 | 66 MIN

Speaker: Maria Fernanda Bozmoski Deputy Director, Programs, Atlantic Council

Shalonda Spencer

Representation, Diversity, & Inclusion in Foreign Affairs

02/22/2022 | 33 MIN

Speaker: Shalonda Spencer, MPPA Executive Director at Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security

Dan Hunt

World Cup 2026: The Dallas Bid & What it Means for Dallas Businesses

02/17/2022 | 63 MIN

Speaker:  Dan Hunt President, FC Dallas Moderator: Gina Miller Vice President of Media and Communications for FC Dallas