City of Dallas Leadership with the Consular Corps of Dallas/Fort Worth

Protocol Services

When official international representatives and delegations come to Dallas, connections, itineraries, and protocol are key factors for a successful visit. That’s where we come in. Since 2003, the Council has provided Protocol Services to the City of Dallas to ensure productive, enjoyable encounters that represent our city in the best light.

Dallas Protocol: A Public/Private Partnership with The City of Dallas.

The Council arranges meetings with civic and business leaders, advises the Mayor and other city officials on international issues and protocol guidelines, plans public and private events during the visit, and helps host the visitors.

We also serve as the secretariat for the Consular Corps of Dallas/Fort Worth, which consists of seven international consulates and 34 honorary consulates, directing Texans to the appropriate international contacts and encouraging more countries to strengthen their links to North Texas.

Dallas Protocol Services include:

  • The City’s liaison for visiting international government dignitaries, as requested.
  • Official secretariat to the Consular Corps of Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • A resource base for the mayor, city officials, and citizens on international issues and protocol.
  • Point of contact with the state and federal governments for diplomatic matters.

How we can help you:

  • Locating consular representatives accredited to this region.
  • Arranging official meetings for visiting international dignitaries
  • Providing official recognition from the City of Dallas to business, cultural, and educational delegations.
  • Answering questions regarding international protocol, customs, or cross-cultural communication.
  • Conducting protocol and cross-cultural training.
  • Assisting in planning or coordinating an international event.
Francisco de la Torre

Consular Corps Of Dallas/Fort Worth


Dean: Francisco de la Torre, Consul General of Mexico

Provided is an online listing of all of the consulates in Dallas and Houston. However, the data listed should be considered approximate due to the continuous changes within the consulates.

We recommend that you confirm the information directly with the consulate in question or contact our office.

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