International Service Projects

Please contact Amy Miller for information about getting involved in the many projects available.

As part of the Junior World Affairs Council clubs, students are encouraged to participate in at least one internationally oriented service project per year. While the International Education Program may suggest various projects, students and teachers are free to choose their own causes.

In the past five years, International Education Program and its JWACs have participated in international service projects on topics such as genocide, world water issues and mine detection dogs in war-torn nations. Please take a look at the following international service project opportunities and see if your school can get involved!

Upcoming Opportunities


Past Opportunities

The Junior WACS have selected Isla Urbana

The Junior WACS have selected Isla Urbana as our fall 2015 service project recipient.

Teams can be made up of 1-20 people. The two teams that raise the most (over $2,500) will be given four plane tickets to Mexico in the summer of 2016. Food and lodging will be included as the four students work on site installing rain water harvesting programs in Mexican schools.

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2015 Earth Day Dallas

Earth Day Texas is an annual, outdoor festival seeking to elevate environmental awareness and influence the way Texans think, live and work. The family-friendly and free-admission event allows leaders in the corporate, academic and non-profit worlds to unite and show Texans how green lifestyle choices can lower their cost of living, improve their health, and help save the environment.

Volunteer or host a free booth to education DFW about your school’s environmental initiatives or a topic of global environmental importance.

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Peace Day Dallas

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, coincides with the United Nations International Day of Peace celebrated around the world.

Peace Day Dallas has created an internet app to guide students on a tour of downtown sites which relate to issues of peace, justice, and tolerance, as well as our history as a city.

This Awareness Adventure begins and ends at the Holocaust Museum, and is sponsored by CISV (Children’s International Summer Villages). Information about both organizations is linked below. The cost of the walk for schools, which is based on our expenses, is $12 per student, or $10 per student for groups of 5 or more. The cost for adults is $25 per person or $20 per person for groups of 5 or more.

Peace Day Dallas, Awareness Adventure

2013 Save the Children Marathon Challenge, October 19

Junior WAC’s will be participating in this Save the Children event on Oct. 19th around DFW. Please contact Jameson Hall at if interested in participation

2013 Earth Day Dallas

EDD is an annual, outdoor festival seeking to elevate environmental awareness and influence the way North Texans think, live and work. The family-friendly and free-admission event allows leaders in the corporate, academic and non-profit worlds to unite and show North Texans how green lifestyle choices can lower their cost of living, improve their health, and help save the environment.

EDD is excited to announce its 2013 Earth Day will take place at Fair Park, in the heart of Dallas, Texas. The event will utilize approximately 500,000 square feet of both indoor and outdoor event space. EDD’s footprint will easily accommodate the 600 exhibitors and 65,000 guests anticipated to attend this year’s event.

Junior WACs and other schools are highly encouraged to have a booth displaying a green project that members have done in classes or as a club. They may also highlight school gardens and other green initiatives of their school.

Earth Day Dallas will provide a free 10 X 10 booth to public and charter schools. EDD will charge private schools a fee for display.

Most Texas colleges will also be in the exhibition so please take this time to visit possible schools too!

Please contact Jennifer Bowden at if you are interested in hosting a booth for the school or club. Admission to the event is free.

Genocide/Darfur Student Forum

In April 2008, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth partnered with many organizations to call attention to genocide and the current situation in Darfur. At a student forum attended by over 500 JWAC high school students, speakers and organizations got to spread the word about these atrocities. Please take a moment to check out the following organizations that participated.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The USHMM offers resources for teachers and students and opportunities to get involved as well as information on past and present genocides from a historical context.

HBO Documentaries presents: Sand and Sorrow

Students screened this film about Darfur by Paul Freedman and narrated by George Clooney. It contains powerful images of the current genocide in Darfur while explaining the main causes. Warning: May not be suitable for younger students.

Amnesty International

Students heard from Rick Halperin, member of the Amnesty International USA Board of Directors, regarding genocide, other human rights abuses, and how they can get involved. The AI website offers current information on how you can help today!

Nothing But Nets

This organization seeks to protect those vulnerable to malaria, a disease that kills over one million people a year—mostly children under the age of five. By providing insecticide-treated bed nets and education on how to use them, your $10 donation can actually save the lives of those who risk infection every night.


Save Darfur

This organization has chapters and groups around the country and across the globe, particularly urging people to take action. The Save Darfur Coalition is inspiring action, raising awareness and speaking truth to power on behalf of the people of Darfur. Please see their website for more information and how you can have an impact on this tragedy.

Human Rights Initiative (HRI)

This organizations mission is to promote international human rights through local service to refugees and immigrants who have suffered human rights abuses. The North Texas chapter works with victims of human trafficking and others every day. Volunteer opportunities are available, so please check out their website for more information. 

Wings of the Dawn

This International Institute for Children wants to establish functional literate communities in Africa to bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity. Their Mission is to help build economically stable and productive societies in African communities by ensuring access to self-sustaining educational centers for its citizens. Located in Fort Worth, this local resource is providing real benefits for children in Africa. Please see how you can get involved!

Center for the Survivors of Torture

The primary focus of the CST is the assistance and rehabilitation of victims of torture or other human rights abuses, as well as advocating for the eradication of all forms of inhuman treatment through out the world. Their program was developed to meet the medical, psychological and social needs of the victims, in conjunction with the legal assistance.

World Water Forum

In February 2009, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth again put on a student forum, this time focusing on lack of access to clean water around the world. About 300 students attended this forum and learned about the daily impact of something that most North Texans don’t think twice about. The following organizations played central roles in this forum.

UNICEF Tap Project

This project, started in New York in 2007, celebrates World Water Week (the third week in March every year) by asking restaurant patrons to donate $1 for the tap water that they would usually get for free. These donations will go to UNICEF in order to provide safe drinking water to those who don’t have it. JWAC students participated in this project, contacting local schools and raising money for the cause.

Rotary International

Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self. Also, a new initiative for Rotary International is clean water and building wells near schools so that children can get education while fulfilling their family’s basic needs as well.

Water is Basic

This organization empowers the local leadership of southern Sudan to bring the gift of clean water to their people. The idea is to provide wells and education on their maintenance in an effort to provide sustainable, lasting benefits for the local population.


Landmines kill and injure countless, innocent people and animals around the world. In order to combat these lasting, deadly reminders of often long-forgotten wars, the Children Against Mines Program, or CHAMPS, of the Marshall Legacy Institute trains mine detection dogs and provides education about this global issue. Representatives from CHAMPS, including former mine detection dog Utzi, recently visited several Dallas/Fort Worth schools. As part of their outreach program, CHAMPS brings schools and students together to sponsor the training of new dogs. These dogs can cover much more ground than their human counterparts and save countless lives during their work. For more information and how to bring CHAMPS to your school, please see their website.