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City of Dallas' Protocol Office

The City of Dallas' Protocol Office, a public/private partnership between the City of Dallas and the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, was established in March of 2003. The City of Dallas' Protocol Office works with the Office of the Mayor, city officials, the diplomatic corps and other international stakeholders to represent the City of Dallas in official international activities. Other responsibilities include advising the mayor and other city officials on matters of international protocol, serving as the secretariat to the Consular Corps of Dallas-Fort Worth in addition to overseeing Dallas' Sister City relationships and activities. The City of Dallas' Protocol Office is funded by the City of Dallas, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth and corporate and individual supporters.

The City of Dallas' Protocol Office functions as:

  • The City's liason for visiting international government dignitaries, as requested.
  • Official secretariat to the Consular Corps of Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • A resource base for the Mayor, city officials and citizens on international issues and protocol.
  • The city's liaison to Dallas' sister cities.
  • Point of contact with the state and federal governments for diplomatic matters.

Protocol Services:

Our office can help you in the following ways:

  • Locating consular representatives accredited to this region.
  • Arranging official meetings for visiting international dignitaries
  • Providing official recognition from the City of Dallas to business, cultural and educational delegations.
  • Answering questions regarding international protocol, customs or cross-cultural communication.
  • Providing information on Dallas' sister cities or sister city activities.
  • Conducting protocol and cross-cultural training.
  • Assisting in planning or coordinating an international event.

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