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 Click the "Next" button to begin the registration process, then follow the step-by-step directions below.  Click on the event title for more details.

  1. Specify the number of tickets you would like to purchase in each category (Members & Guests, Non-Members, etc.)
  2. Select "Myself" as Registrant 1, unless you are paying for tickets for another individual to attend
  3. Enter information about your guest(s) - we will ask for your information in the next section
  4. Complete Steps 1 and 2 for each event you have registered for as the options appear sequentially on your screen
  5. You should now see a summary of the tickets you have selected, with an area for your billing information below
  6. Enter your billing information as it appears on your credit card statement 
  7. Click "Register Now" only once and wait for a confirmation screen to appear
  8. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase within a few minutes at the email address you entered in Step 6 above

To register for individual Authorspeak events, go back to the main registration page.