20 Under 20 & Global Leadership Certificates/Cords

In 2016, the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth created “20 Under 20” as part of the Global Young Leaders Program. This initiative honors 20 exceptional high school students under the age of 20 who are active in their local Junior World Affairs Council club (JWAC). 20 Under 20 brings a spotlight to young people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex who consistently give back to their communities and exemplify what it means to be a global citizen. 

Based on JWAC educator sponsor nominations and student applications for 20 Under 20, a Council advisory panel will choose the top 20 students to represent the class of 2020. An event will be held in the late spring to recognize the 20 Under 20 class of that year and will feature a prominent keynote speaker. Students will also be recognized for their accomplishments by the Council to the great North Texas community.

There are no strict requirements for eligibility for 20 under 20, but JWAC sponsors should consider nominating students who meet some of these standards:

  1. Active JWAC member.
  2. Maintains at least a 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale.
  3. Is a leader in the school or community.
  4. Attended several Council public programs during high school.
  5. Completed at least 10 hours of community service during the year of application and can provide proof of service.

20 Under 20 Class of 2020

  • Tousif Ahsan - Uplift North Hills Prep
  • Priscilla Beltran - Lake Highlands High School
  • Mason Daugherty - Imagine International Academy
  • Alex Hawthorne - Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School
  • Cassandra Hernandez - Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School
  • Sarah Hui - Ursuline Academy
  • Shivani Kulkarni - Parish Episcopal School
  • Sohum Kulkarni - Parish Episcopal School
  • Smriti Lamichhane - Trinity High School
  • Tulsi Lohani - Trinity High School
  • Guilherme Marinho - Lake Highlands High School
  • Alexis Martinez - Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy
  • Cat Nguyen - Arlington Martin High School
  • Oluwagbotemi (Joseph) Ogunbadewa - Lake Highlands High School
  • Anu Poudyal - Trinity High School
  • Mirza Rafay Hasan - Uplift North Hills Prep
  • Greta Romero - Arlington Grand Prairie High School
  • Devashree Shah - Trinity High School
  • Miya Walker - Trinity High School
  • Abigail Xue - Lovejoy High School

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20 Under 20 - Global Leadership Certificates

JWAC students that meet minimum participation requirements will now be able to earn a Global Leadership Certificate from the Council in May. Senior JWAC students may also be eligible to receive a graduation cord if they meet these requirements.

To earn a Global Leadership Certificate, JWAC students must be in good standing with their school, plus participate in AT LEAST five of the following JWAC programs:

  • A Speaker Event (Dozens of choices)
  • A Service Project (Dozens of choices)
  • JWAC Leadership Training (Six choices)
  • JWAC Discussion Group (Seven choices)
  • Pinnacle Group WorldQuest
  • International Career Day
  • 20 Under 20 Program
  • JWAC Social events (Three choices)

Sponsors are responsible for tracking and submitting names by the end of April to be sent the personalized certificates. 


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