Sherman Burns Speaks to Students
Sherman Burns speaks to students at McKinney North High School

Speakers to Schools Programs

Speakers to Schools enhance classroom studies and expose students to international cultures, religions, issues and careers.

$50 JWAC members and educational associates may request a topic and the World Affairs Council will find a local speaker that meets the request. Speakers will visit the high school classroom, speak to students and answer their questions as a complimentary membership benefit. This program is incredibly useful to educators in need of relevant resources for their classrooms.

Teachers can choose from 130+ topics that cover subject areas including: the arts, business, conflicts/social issues, countries/regions, education, environment, economy, health/science, history, media, non-governmental efforts, politics/government and religion. Click here for a complete list of topics.


  1. School must have a JWAC on campus
  2. At least 25 high school students in the audience
  3. Students must be prepared to ask the speaker questions
  4. No maximum audience size
  5. At least one teacher per 50 students must be present to supervise

Please note: we will not ask our speakers to complete background checks. If this is a requirement for your school, please do not request a speaker.

Request Speakers

In 2018, GYL is proud to feature speakers on a variety of civics-related topics thanks to the generous support of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation. Previous speakers on such topics included former ambassadors, city council members, political advisors, professors, and more! Request a civics expert to speak to your students via the button above.

Examples of such topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology and vulnerabilities in voting systems
  • What is gerrymandering and how does it affect representation?
  • Barriers to voting and how they may be overcome
  • Understanding the electoral college and super delegates
  • Implications of foreign lobbying
  • Candidate transparency and accountability
  • A history of gerrymandering and its effects


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