As part of our Global Young Leaders (GYL) Programming, the Council will help you create a Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC) for your high school campus. You and your students will travel beyond classroom walls and pages in textbooks to real-time, firsthand sessions with diplomats, dignitaries, leaders, authors and others who understand global issues and opportunities in business and education.

JWAC is an extracurricular activity that pays off!


  1. Recruit a group of students interested in joining the club and a teacher sponsor to facilitate the JWAC.
  2. Get approval from your school. If needed, terms and bylaws are here.
  3. We encourage you to hold elections to select this year’s JWAC officers. 
    JWAC Officer Responsibilities and Election Tips
  4. The JWAC sponsor must complete the Junior World Affairs Council Agreement Form.
  5. Register JWAC sponsor and up to two officers for the Annual JWAC Orientation on the GYL event calendar, which is held every September. If you missed the 20-21 orientation, you can watch it on demand.
  6. Contact Director of Education (, 214-965-8415) with any questions or if you would like her to attend one of your meetings.
  7. Check out the Student-Organized JWAC Activities.


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