The guest speakers provided by the World Affairs Council opens our students up to so many opportunities that they would not have had before. There are so many opportunities that our students did not know existed until someone came out to inform them.

Leslee Barnes of Weatherford High School (Weatherford ISD)

It's vital for high school-age students to gain exposure from a broad range of adults who've experienced trials and tribulations all over the globe.

Stuart Kantor of Bishop Lynch High School (Private School)

This opportunity has affected my students in a very positive way. They are able to see how the things they are learning in the classroom directly relate to World issues and real life experiences.

Kimberly Miles of D.A. Hulcy STEAM Middle School (Dallas ISD)


Why become a member of the World Affairs Council?

As teachers know, social studies is much more than past presidents and battles. Social studies includes history, geography, economics, government and culture. We live in a global society. With a touch of a button a person can communicate with an individual on the other side of the planet. Our young people need to be equipped to relate to people from a variety of cultural backgrounds as our world continues to shrink. Our U.S. economy is tied into the economies of many different countries. What happens ‘there’ is now felt right ‘here.’ We invite you to participate in our upcoming programs to broaden your understanding of our world and to enhance your teaching practices.

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  1. Recruit a group of students interested in joining the club and a teacher sponsor to facilitate the JWAC.
  2. Hold an election to select this year’s JWAC officers. 
    JWAC Officer Responsibilities and Election Tips
  3. The JWAC sponsor must complete the Junior World Affairs Council Agreement Form.
  4. Create a membership for your JWAC by visiting this webpage.
    In the comments, you will need to include your school name and teacher sponsor. Please open link in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 
  5. Register JWAC sponsor and up to two officers for the Annual JWAC Orientation on the GYL calendar, which is held every September.
  6. Contact Director of Education (, 214-965-8415) with any questions.

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