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The Global Young Leaders program encourages each JWAC to work on a community service together during the academic year. Service hours can be completed through volunteering with local non-profits or hosting a donations drive/fundraiser for a deserving organization. These projects do not have to be part of a Council sponsored service project. Please let us know what project was selected and details of the project once completed.

Each JWAC is encouraged to choose an organization at the beginning of the school year that addresses an issue that members are passionate about locally, nationally, or internationally. A helpful resource to assist JWACs in selecting a deserving organization to volunteer with is the website VolunteerNOW helps agencies with their constant need to fill positions with volunteers, allowing volunteers to make a difference where it matters most.

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Incentivized Fundraising Opportunity for JWACs:

Isla Urbana is a non-profit organization based in Mexico City, Mexico that works to ensure sustainable and equitable access to people living without water. They install rainwater-harvesting systems in homes, schools, and churches as a way to achieve access to clean water.

Any JWAC student that raises $1,500 or more during the current academic year for the non-profit Isla Urbana is eligible to travel to Mexico City for a 5-day trip that includes cultural activities, educational workshops, and a hands-on installation of a rainwater harvesting system. Expenses will be covered including air and land transportation, meals, sleeping accommodations, and cultural activities.

For more information about the Isla Urbana High School Summer Program, contact Sol Garcia at

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