Explore International Career Opportunities with a Council Internship

World Affairs Council interns are celebrated for their hard work. In return for that dedication and energy, our interns see the world on a personal basis: names in the news become people they've met; overseas news stories evolve into local missions of understanding.

Announcement for Internships during the COVID-19 Pandemic

All Fall 2020 internship will be 100% virtual and will not require any in-person activities as long as the Council staff is working remotely. Therefore, all internship recipients are required to have consistent access to a personal computer or laptop with reliable internet connection as well as the ability to download and use the Windows Remote Desktop application.

Council staff will still offer board member meetings and Professional Development sessions over video conference. Students will have the opportunity to personally hear from a few Council partners as well. Interns will work remotely for approximately 15 hours per week.

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Council Internships: Working for your future

The intern experience is real world – it is extraordinary, educational, and challenging.

  • Our interns learn the “how-to” of basic customer service and event planning.
  • They help host large public programs as well as one-on-one connections.
  • They help plan logistics for national and international officials.
  • They also gain key insights about the local North Texas community.

Many of our traditionally unpaid interns have gone on to careers in the public and private sectors and use their Council experience to deal with international and national projects. The Council seeks sharp college or high school–level talented, passionate, energetic individuals to help us accomplish our daily missions. (Our intern program may translate into college credit – consult your academic advisor.)


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