Mallon Circle

The Mallon Circle is an honorary body consisting of individuals, appointed by the Board of Directors, who have served the Council with distinction based on life service, work contributions, financial contributions or otherwise. 

Marjorie A. Adams

Jorge L. Baldor

Mark W. Bayer

Lucy Billingsley

Talmage Boston

Norman Brinker †

James E. Brooks

C. Keith Cargill

Al Casey †

William E. Cooper †

Lee Cullum

Michael B. Decker

Arlette Douffiagues-Galland†

Steve Gardner

Linda Gibbons

Jess Hay†

Herbert Hunt

L. H. Jackson†

Robert M. Jenkins

Robert W. Kantner

Edward S. Koppman

Richard J. Kruizenga

Dr. Charles Ku

Joseph E. Lake†

Stephen LaSala

William H. Lively

Hicks B. Morgan

Patrick M. Murray

Ray Nasher†

Norman Neureiter

Ambassador James C. Oberwetter

Paul Pandian

Patricia M. Patterson

Timothy E. Powers

Robert Rendell

James R. Riley

Kristy Hoglund Robinson

Ambassador Richard Rubottom†

The Honorable Chris Semos†

The Honorable Alan Steelman

Jack C. Vaughn

John M. Ward

Donna Wilhelm

James F. Young






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