2019 Women in Intelligence Series

Whether advising presidents on how to counter terrorism, writing about the work of CIA officers, or actually putting on the disguise, these women tell you what it is really like to be a woman in intelligence.

Farah Pandith

Global Security: Reinvented

Farah Pandith, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

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May 14 | 6 PM
Crescent Club - Gourmet Room

Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. and its allies have made huge steps in eliminating ISIS-controlled territory, but the extremist group still exists and continues to grow abroad. In her new book “How We Win,” FARAH PANDITH draws on her visits to eighty countries, interviews with experts in a number of fields, and her experience in the Bush and Obama administrations as the world’s leading expert on countering violent extremism to explain her theory on how to inoculate communities against extremist ideologies.

Jonna Mendez

Moscow Rules & the Master of Disguise

Jonna Mendez, Former Chief of Disguise, CIA

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June 19 | 6:00 PM
Hotel Crescent Court, Dallas

Learn the story of how the U.S. used these rules and other tactics to win the Cold War at our program “The Moscow Rules: The Secret CIA Tactics that Helped America Win the Cold War.”

Jonna Mendez worked in the CIA's Office of Technical Service for 27 years, retiring as chief of disguise. Mendez also co-wrote Spy Dust and Argo with her late husband Antonio J. Mendez, who was also an undercover CIA officer for 25 years. She is a founding board member of the International Spy Museum and is currently a fine arts photographer, author, lecturer and consultant on intelligence matters.


Declassified: Secret Literature & Intelligence Briefings

Suzanne Kelly, CEO & Publisher, The Cipher Brief; Lea Carpenter, Contributing Editor, Esquire

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September 17 | 6 PM
Hotel Crescent Court, Dallas

The intelligence community is deeply invested in shades of truth and untruth, the known and the unknown. It has inspired generations of writers and moviemakers and we can’t seem to get enough details about this ancient art. We connect a security news analyst with an espionage thriller author for a fresh look at the intelligence community - real and imagined.


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